Heme Her

January 06, 2020

TILT 2019 continues, and now in the middle of the holidays we release the dance film with the local hit "Heme here"! This is a collaboration between TILT Stange, Løten, Ringsaker and Hamar. "Heme here" was written by Johanne Kippersund and Ørnulv Snortheim.

Enjoy all of the great local dancers and hear the wonderful Christiane Skaug, Emma Stallvik, Leon Seferi, Zacharias Hoholm, Ingrid Ophus Eriksen and the children's choir Filiokus. Thank you to all the singers, dancers, TILTers and collaborators who contributed to this film.

Thanks to Sparebankstiftelsen DNB Stange municipality, Løten municipality, Ringsaker municipality and Hamar municipality, for supporting the project and Article19 and Trude Amalie Leirpoll for their brilliant work creating this film.

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